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Default Re: 74 Super with Longitudinal Acura 3.2 V6

Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
Slick plan for building your own axles.
I built my own 11-1/2" drive shaft from a 5' or so truck shaft in my small home shop. That part of my project was a lot easier than yours as I only had to cut one end.
Tacked it together a couple of times while 'hammer truing' it up. Then skip welded it around the perimeter to keep it from doing anything interesting. The factory 'balance weight' was on the end I didn't cut and I left it in place. Never did get it balanced. That was many thousands of miles ago.
And how many times have you answered the question “where did you have it balanced?”
I’ve done many RWD hollow driveshafts like that too.

I still want to see pictures of your ride!
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