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I'd just buy the blank drums and have them drilled rather than go through all that friggin trouble getting a weird adapter that costs a fortune. They are a lot easier to get these days and you should be able to drill an aftermarket wide 5 drum for the 5 on 5" ford with out interfering with any of the VW pattern.
I was messing with the set of wide 5's drums I have this weekend. I want to start mocking up my extender now that I've got a body that I'm willing to cut up and I need to be able to mount my chevy pattern rims since that's what I'm gonna run and I don't have any wide 5 rims. I don't want the wheels pushed out any further with the adapters. I can get my hands on a 5 on 4.75 chevy bolt ring pattern, so I may put them on the drill press and have a go at drilling them and pressing in the studs myself.
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