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Originally Posted by jaransonT3 View Post

BTW, I finally got back down to the foundry on Thursday and picked up these...

I had asked Fred if he could make me a couple of sets of half ornaments to use as emblems for the Sled. He was able to use the left over original patterns that were indexed incorrectly since he was using only one half at a time.

However, I did talk to them about the possibility of casting in studs to the back side of an emblem like this and they can do that. I am going to work up a design for a flat emblem and see about making a limited run of them. Don't hold your breath, it might be awhile before I get around to it, but it is in the design/sketching phase......
When I cast a couple VW hood ornaments, I didn't plan to do anything with them they sat around for years, I finally put them on my V-Rod, I drilled & tapped blind holes from the back side, but depending where your mounting them, it can cause problems, after dropping a few screws into the door hinge pillar, I drilled & counter sunk them for three 4-40 flat head stainless screws, then put a washer & nut on the back side, that can still create problems, depending on where you put them, but if you have any flat ones it's something to think about

Here's a pic of the emblems I cast, the left one is can alloy aluminum (Mt Dew cans) cast in cleaned play sand & bentonite clay, the two on the right are 356 alloy cast in special casting sand & clay just for aluminum & brass, the one on the right didn't fill the mold all the way because aluminum was cooling, none of them are perfect, but their flaw give them character

Here they are on the car, can't find my camera to get a close up

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