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Default Re: Effigy's history

January 12, 2011 (At least that's what I named the folder in photobucket..)

Get the engine out and fully taken apart..

In March I took my angle grinder to the rear apron:

(All that Dynomatting is gone now by the by..)

anywho, at some point, I had the case cleaned up and line bored, bought new heads from Brother's VW, got a new cam/lifter set from I forget where.. small shop near Anaheim.., installed a DBug framehead brace:

(That's JJ's foot int he right side.. he's helped me out a shit ton!)

got that far and decided, "well shit, I have everything out.. and I have a friend who is trying to sell a bunch of -6AN hoses/fittings... let's run new fuel lines!"

Already had a handy rust hole on the passenger side:

Set to work on that with a ballpeen hammer and a pry bar..

Figured out the elbow on the left of the next pic is the heater channel:

So a giant spike, a hammer, and some brute idioy opened it up to be a conduit :P

Fuel comes out the tank, into an Earl's filter, into a Holley Red pump, into a regulator, down the heater channel, into a bulk head fitting, into a T fitting, into each carb :)

This was it at some point before I had replaced the lost glasspack.. all I had around the garage was that stupid stinger...

Eventually I did replace that glasspack though:

I had something screwy with the Cam or distributor or something though, so the engine has come back out..

Right now the case is at Steve/Greg Tims Performance Workshop, getting the oil galley plugs drilled out and tapped to make sure everything is clean..

When they're done, I'll begin rebuilding again. Only this time, instead of the 009 dizzy with bosch blue coil, it's getting the billet MSD dizzy, with Blaster 2 coil and 6AL box..

Hopefully I'll have an update about that within the next coupld of weeks..

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