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Default Re: Effigy's history

Next part of the story: another stupid mistake..

Last Saturday I came home from work and go to work in the garage...

I was talking on the phone for about an hour, but I spent 4 hours out there to accomplish NOTHING...

Well, that's not entirely true, let me elaborate: I spread from Permatex Ultimate Grey Gasket Maker on the case halves, triple checked the cam gear indexing, put some assembly lube on the sides of the lifters, put some of the red break in lube that came with the cam on the lifter faces, tried to put the 1/2 case half on top of the 3/4 side, two lifters fell out.. guess the assembly lube wasn't as sticky as I'd hoped..

Cut up a coat hanger, made two V-shaped spring type clips things to hold the lifters in place.. First attempt, one lifter fell out.. tried again, saw two slipping.. finally, on the fourth try, I got it!

next up I put some permatex ultra black sealant on the washers AND the case nuts and started torquing them down, then I caught myself.. Oil pump needs to go in before case halves are torqued..

Spread some ultimate grey, carefully, on the back of the pump, then carefully painted the edges of the front and the edges of the cover with Gasca-Cinch.. torqued it into place, then torqued the case.

I had already installed the oil cooler block off plate, so I spun the engine around (It's on my stand..) so it was right side up instead of on it's side, and got to work on the distributor. Got the washers into place, then quadruple checked that I was on TDC for #1. I think last time I built it, I mistakenly put the dizzy gear in on TDC for #3..

Anyway, Got it lined up for #1, gear dropped right in, was damn near perfectly lined up (perpendicular) to the case halves. Great, so far so good! Grab my distributor and the directions for it.. follow the steps to figure out how many shims I need to use. Measure everything. put the shims, bracket, and O-rings in place. Get the dizzy in place and hand tighten it all down.

Next up I put my fuel pump block off plate/coil holder in place and tight it down..

At this point, it had been about 4 hours (Like I said, i was on the phone for a lot of that and just moving slow trying to check things and take my time..) so I crack open a beer, light a smoke, and lean against the car before I start tackling anything else..

I'm just sitting there enjoying my break and scanning over my workbench and what I have left to do when suddenly my shoulders drop and a string of profanity comes pouring out of my mouth.

Sitting in the drip pan, right next to the pistons and cylinders, heads, and misc hardware, are the 1/2 side of my cam bearings

So yea, I stopped right there and decided to get a ride to the bar and get drunk instead.

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