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Default Re: Effigy's history

Finally worked on the bug again last night..

Last time I worked on it, my pushrod tubes proved to be too long, so at least half the seals were smashed and pressed out and cut, the 3/4 side rocker didn't go on evenly, and crushed the shoulder of the rocker stud, thereby getting the rocker suck on the shaft, and i broke the clamp piece on the rocker, and I realized I forgot to put the little tin onder the 3/4 cylinders (above the push rod tubes..)

yeah, it was a clusterfuck of drunk mistakes.

Last night I stopped at CarCraft on the way home, bought some stock pushrod tubes, some newfangled silicone seals that they claim can be reused many times if you're careful, a 30amp relay for my MSD box/ignition connection, and the rubber boot that the clutch and throttle cables pass through above the transaxle (new linkage needs a good boot to hold a transition piece in place..)

Got home, took apart the 3/4 side, put the tin in place, stretched the new tubes until they were just about as long as my old windage tubes, put some KurilK2 on the seals and put them in place. retorqued the heads, checking at each torque step to ensure the seals weren't being destroyed. found out the replacement stub I had bought about a month ago is about 1/2 inch shorter than the other stud, so I can't put the rocker back on yet.

Spun the engine on the stand and did the same with the 1/2 side (except the tin, I remembered that the first time I put it together..), put the rocker shaft back on but didn't adjust anythign yet, all the adjusters are backed out fully for now (have the flywheel locked so I could take the pulley off, figure I may as well leave it locked until I get the pulley back on..)

crawled under the car to try and put the transition piece in place and make some more progress on the linkage, but can't even tell if the original boot is still there or not, too much road grime and crap.. :/

Then piled up some crap to try and take some shots for if Steve gets desperate for the calendar :P

and because I know "pics or it didn't happen" here ya go:

Here's the new boot, the transition piece, and the picture from the instructions:

and here's what mine currently looks like :/

Those are really all the pics I took of the work, the other pics are in the calendar thread..

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