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Default Re: Effigy's history

Well, a little out of character.. it's only been 3 months since last update :P

Done a lot of little things here and there over the last month or so and today I'm gonna try and get it running again

I can't remember the order that all this has happened but I mentioned on the samba thread for the sync link kit about the problems I was having with that transition piece.. As it turned out, my body doesn't even have the oval hole that the grommet is supposed to attach to, the metal conduits for the clutch and throttle cables just stick straight out of the the body itself.. I tried JB welding the transition piece in place, but screwed up because I cut the end off a q-tip to make sure the hole stayed clear, applied JB Weld, stuck it in place for a couple of days, and then couldn't remove the q-tip because it was attached to the jb weld..

While trying to remove it, I pulled the transition piece free too.. which prompted me to think of a better idea.. Posted on the samba thread that I was going to take it to someone with a drill press and tapping tools and have them drill a small hole, thread it, and insert a set screw. Pete (the guy who designed the kit) told me to send him my mailing address and he'd send one to me :) I like to think that future kits will reflect this revision and so I've now become part of the R&D department ;)

So I got that attached, attached the new pedal piece and ran the cable through.

Engine is pretty much fully assembled and ready to go back in. I bought a quality nutsert installation tool (took me a few weeks to find a local industrial tool store and the kit cost me $90, but it's a good kit and I love excuses to buy tools :P ), and used it to mount my oil breather box and MSD Ignition to the firewall.

JJ came over and helped me figure out my relay idiocy. The MSD box has an internal relay, so we left it off of that, but put a 25amp fuse between the box and the hot side of my starter. We also had to redo the wires on my electric fan, as the power lead on it had ripped free of the connector at some point, who knows when . Then we hooked a relay into the circuit for my fuel pump.

Today my list of tasks include:
* connecting throttle cable to pedal adapter
* remove factory styled wire shielding and electrical tape from harness in engine compartment
* connect MSD small red wire to ignition wire
* fix all the wires in that portion of the harness that either show fire damage, or have shitty connectors, or have multiple splices (I think the tach wire is the worst, it has like 3 different 5 inch sections of wire held together with butt splices.. )
* apply spiral wrap wire conduit crap to harness to make it look pretty..
* install engine (attach to trans, connect wires, etc..)
* install intakes/carbs, reconnect fuel lines
* finish hooking up sync link linkage
* install exhaust
* check clearance for berg traction bar (I don't know if it will clear my exhaust or not..)
* triple check that I didn't forget anything
* put some sea foam in the gas tank
* pour in another couple gallons of CA 91 octane to mix with old gas and sea foam..
* reconnect battery
* pray
* disconnect coil wire from coil
* turn key for a few seconds
* reconnect coil
* pray again
* turn on fuel pump
* attempt to start

at this point one of two things will happen:

A) * celebrate and get to work tuning carbs and timing
* put engine lid back on so I have a license plate
* go up and down the street then maybe around the block
* celebrate more


B) * cry
* drink
* post in the drunk thread

I'm hoping for Option A.. and then I have to figure out how i'm going to reattach my rear apron because inthe meantime I've got some baling wire I'm going to wrap around my exhaust and hook onto the latch to hold the decklid shut.. ;P

sorry I haven't been taking many pictures..

this was before JJ came over to help me get it wired up properly..

and a shitty shot of the engine still on the stand

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