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Default Re: Effigy's history

Originally Posted by Daddy o's 67 View Post
Years ago Mustang arm rest were used in a lot of street rods. They are a combo arm rest/door pull so it killed two birds with one stone. There is also a Pull a Part out by the beach airport,

Might want to go take a wonder through there to see it something catch's your eye.

Might be able to get a couple of late model door panels and cut the arm rest section out and screw it to your new panels before uph them? just a thought.
yeah, I'm debating even putting an armrest in.. I generally have my window down and arm out of it and when it's too cold/wet for window down, i don't really use the rest much then either.. I'm skinny and my arm usually ends up with my elbow sitting on my leg..

I might swing by some salvage yards here in hampton today though and see what they got..

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