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Default Re: Effigy's history

Well, I didn't look very hard, but didn't find any arm rests locally, and the ones I found online that I kind of like at $100+/pair so I'm going to reuse the stock ones after all, but I rattle canned them red to match the fabric that will be directly behind them..

Started attaching the background fabric and getting ready to do the insert on the driver's side. I only bought 9 clamps, so I have to go a small section at a time.

So far so good though:

Using the TP holder from my CrapMaster 3000 to spread the clamp strength. This pic is from last night, this panel is about half done now..

Attaching the foam and the fabric separately to the insert. The panel is stitched to the foam for the background, but i don't want any thread patterns on the insert so it's going on separately.

Hopefully I'll have this one done completely in the next day or so..

At some point I also have to get back to work on the engine.. I got a new alternator, but forgot the shroud has to come out to put it in. When I cut my throttle cable last time, I cut it about 1/8" too short, so it's idling at like 1100RPMS, so I bought more cable and will be yanking the old one out. the hardest part is going to be getting the damn screws from the sides of the shroud, I put them in without the carbs installed so they are in nice and tight with some red loctite.. I really don't want to pull the carbs but i may have to at least loosen the manifolds.

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