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Default Re: What did you do yesterday...

This is mine now!

Got it transfered to me. Plates under my name and insurance!

Put in my iron cross headlights I've had since 2011! the other headlights burnt out on this car. So

Who ever sees the issue I'll buy you a taco. Yupe original Mexican speedo... Anybody have a spare speedo... speedometer I should phrase with some of loons.

Looking good for 2002. That is what a Mexican bug's dash looks like

Here's a Mexican door panel. It's a unique shade of blue only put on mexibugs. Also got kicker speakers in the door. Gotta have my tunes car came with a dead head unit and crappy speakers (aftermarket).

And here's a bit of reasoning to why there's stickers all over the car. It took the trip. Yupe this car's been down Route 66. I hope to one day take it down it again. I plan on taking the 1966 shell I got and making a camper trailer from it

I have an original VWoA trailer hitch to use too.
Cars a hoot to drive. Still getting used to stick but damn it's fun.
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