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Just an update on my wheel adapter search...

No luck so far. A lot of places just flat out said no with the only explanation being that they didn't have the tooling for something that large (the 5 lug VW).

I spoke with Fred Goeske at, he said that he couldn't do it because, again, the large 5 lug VW pattern. He said that that would require over a 9" blank and they can't get em. HOWEVER... He said that there's a new Ford truck coming out that will have a 5 on 200mm bolt pattern (the VW is 5 on 205mm). They will be getting blanks in about 6 months so they will be able to do adapters for those trucks... and that he should be able to do the VW pattern at that time as well.

I also spoke with AIM Industries and they said that they don't show that size ever being done there... so they'd have to check on it. I'm waiting on an answer from them and I'll pass on the info after I hear back.

What a pain in my ass.

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