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What I was going to do when I was to run wired rims was to make the lug holes on the rims a tad bigger (make the lug holes oblonged shaped), just enough for my standard Ford adapters to fit through the rims. I never went further then just thinking of doing that so think about it to see how safe that sounds like. Seems like there's plenty of metal to shave off on the rims themselves??

Also I think someone here (forgot whom) was going to cut the Ford rims ar the lug patterns and weld in a VW wheel section onto it.

Maybe this will spawn another idea? On my Buick rims, I'm using Chevy adapters that someone welded Chevy spacers onto it (I need wider tracks). Anyways look at the thick spacers, maybe get something THICK and get them drilled for early Fords and get a certified welder to weld that onto an adapter. Find early Ford hubs and weld them onto a VW adapter? Like I said, just ideas...

I'll place this on the lazy thread to replace the old useless thread

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