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Default Re: SoCalook, Speedway & crossmembers...

Originally Posted by mkparker
This cowl steer article was posted on here the other day, but I couldn't find on here so I found it on the HAMB.
Cowl Steer How To

After digging some more over there it seems that Ranger box in the thread may actually be from a full size '77ish "Ranger" in other words an F150.

This is a mis print....

This is the tech article I read back when I went to design my system. This is the method I used. It is actually the gear box out of a Courier. I found this out in PMs with hillbillyhell. I posted the link a long time ago, but can't seem to find it since the change over. The 150 box would work, but prooved much more difficult to mount and keep in line with the factory bug steering column.
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