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Default Re: SoCalook, Speedway & crossmembers...

An update to the story from the start of this thread:

I still have not received any response from SoCalook to my questions I had asked them two weeks ago. I received no response from the VW guru at Speedway either but I figured I would give them one more chance.

I called to speak with the guru and I was told that he was on the phone but I could wait. That wait turned into being sent to voicemail where upon I was greeted with a message saying that he was not in the office and wouldn't be back until September 25th. Well, now I'm pissed and I've had about enough of this bullsh*t but I wouldn't let go of it as a matter of principle. Shorter story: I managed to get passed around to several different people before finally speaking with Dennis. He must not actually work there because he was very helpful and provided me with all of the part numbers as well as prices for everything I needed and not anything I already own. Imagine that, only two and a half weeks to get something that resembles customer service!

BTW- after reading about problems that others have had with getting their parts in a timely fashion, I made a point of asking Dennis if all of the parts that he listed were in stock, including the crossmember. He said that he has everything on hand except for the Ford spindles which I don't need. If I did require them, I would be waiting at least two months!

I'm fairly certain at this point that I'm going to go with another supplier for a crossmember and all of the associated parts but I just wanted to have a plan "B" to fall back on.

As a consumer/customer, the only real power you have is in your wallet. B*tching to a manager or some other customer service rep rarely has much of an impact on businesses. Reward those people and companies that actually know what customer service means...send all of your business their way! Money speaks in a language that almost everyone can understand.
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