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Default Re: site wont let me start a thread anywhere else all i got is one simple question

wow alot of your mothers would be proud to know you cuss like russian sailors in a everyday conversations.

As far as my grammer i didnt know this was a language class thought it was a good vw forum/site, and i hate all smart phones i was just tired and typed fast and did not feel like editing.

back to my original question to the ones that actually can and are willing to helpis:

which ball joints should i order these

or these

i would much rather get the first ones that dont have to be pressed in.

My bug has a three bolt ball joint on it mounted to the bottom of the struts therefore i was thinkin i could buy the top ones.

so please just answer this"simple question"......Will the first ball joints i posted a link of work on my super beetle that was made in october of 1973? Thank you

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