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Default Re: 74 Super with Longitudinal Acura 3.2 V6

Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
Congrats! I love the way she just 'clicks.'
Thanks. It does indeed click and feels pretty positive. Before I added a center support, the rod would flex and hit the edge of the hole in the pan. I added a sway bar bushing but it was causing the linkage to bind there, because my mount for the bushing was deflecting and allowing it to tilt, if that makes sense. I plan to try to strengthen the mount to see if that helps.

Also, there is not enough ground clearance at the rear. The linkage is the lowest thing at the rear of the car by about 3 inches. I plan to remake the end of the aluminum shaft so it steps up. I think I can tuck it up pretty tight, because the Acura shift shaft only needs to rotate maybe 20 degrees total. I may wait until the car is running for this.

I plan to start on clutch linkage next.

Also, I plan to start gathering more items necessary to splice my axles. The last time I did this I got some 1.5 inch round mild steel bar stock and made couplers on a lathe. I welded it all up, put them on V blocks, tested them with a dial indicator and trued them in an H press.

I don't have a lathe any more so I plan to go hillbilly this time. I bought some cromoly tubing that is 1.125 ID and 1.5 OD. The Porsche shafts fit in with a little play. The Acura shafts are too big at about 1.1875 inches. I plan to buy a drill bit (priced them for about $25) that will allow an interference fit.I plan to make circular shims out of sheet metal for the Porsche side. I will drill lateral holes and rosette weld and circular weld the shafts together, then try to true them up. I did the calculations and these tubes should be as strong as the Acura shafts.

I have made lots of drive shafts for RWD cars. If I can get within 0.030" out of round on those I'm happy. For this I hope to be closer to .010".
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