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Default Re: '37 Volkster Coupe

Originally Posted by markh View Post
Thinking I'm going to go with steel and shy away from glass. Been doing a lot of reading about glass work...looks difficult.

Trust me, 'glass is a LOT easier than steel. I've done plenty of both. The BGW '37 parts (not too hard to find used) are a good place to start unless you have some very deep pockets and want to start picking up street rod parts.

I've been thinking about doing a properly proportioned '37 Ford look for years (since about '82). I put together a Bug with '37 nose and molded over the fenders and added separate headlights (same ones that are now on Voltsrat). Later, I cut out the smoothed over fenders and added '37 Ford headlights. It looked real good. I still have the headlights thinking I might one day do this, but it's looking more and more like Voltsrat may well be my last big project.

I'll dig around in my computer and see if I can come up with some pics of my old Bug and some of the '37 concept sketches I was working on. Go for it, man!
In the end, you have to be satisfied with your own work.
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