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Default Re: '37 Volkster Coupe

Wow, thanks. Some great input. As far as the year for a convertible??? I guess you are right Bugdust, it really doesn't matter so long as it's not a super. That's good news, means lower donor cost. The vert is just for the doors, cowl, window frame and the structural aspect. Bugdust I'd like to see those concepts you have as well.

I've been scouring craigslist and have seen some good deals on 'glass fenders and hoods. Grills are another thing. If I can find a good enough deal on steel front fenders and hood, perhaps making due with some glass rear fender might help things moving?

Carcentric, I'm very familiar with those hoods...I see what you're saying about the top section. The challenge I think might be re-shaping the nose to a point so the front grill would work?

I'm realizing the challenge is going to be in the lengh and width. of the vert donor. The fun will be trying to pull it off without losing too much money in case I botch it.

Deep pockets? No, I'm married. Can I keep it and build this one too? Not if I want to remain married.

Did I sell the truck already?........well......I'm 99.95% sure it's going to a new garage in the very near future. It was a lot of fun to build, show and not to mention drive (200 miles and counting!!) but I've got that itch to scratch.

Thanks for the feedback and confidence boost.
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