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Default Re: '37 Volkster Coupe

The blue and red rendition is like you picked it out of my head!! Freaky weird. I like all of them! I want to build them all! The Blue truck concept is super cool, all of them are super cool! Thanks Fishguts. Love the hi-boys too.

I don't think there will be any clearance issue with the rear decklid. When I built the Stoll coupe, the rear modified decklid had plenty of clearance. The heb decklid lines are similiar. Worst case, I go with a pancake motor?

38Chevy454, thanks for the offers on the measurements, that would be great! My renditions are obviously not scale so I suspect some real measurements will help greatly before I decide glass or steel. I'll connect with you via PMs to get some of those.

Black bugs on youtube, gotcha. Will check it out.

With all of the assistance, this build should be a piece of cake.

Received an email this morning....looks like the truck is heading to HAWAII!! It will be parking next to the Stoll Coupe.
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