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Default Re: Keith's project Ghia, Vivian

Realized I should give more information on Vivian. She is currently on low profile tires, with a 6" narrowed front beam, dropped one notch in the back. She breaks the white disks in the road when she goes over them (those are hockey pucks for cars right?). Running a 1641 currently. Plans are to modify the body quite a bit to include a mild chop (other plans you will have to stay tuned to this channel). Motor will be a 2332 Turbo running around 8 lbs of boost for daily driving and around 25 lbs at the track. My son's ghia should be complete in March of 2012, then I have to rebuild the family car, a '90 suburban. We are supposed to be taking a family trip this summer and that is the only car that we all fit into (and it has A/C - which is a must going to GA). So, Vivian stays a "hoodride" and my daily driver until July. Hopefully this portion of my posts will begin to get updated in August. In the meantime, please follow my progress and help keep my motivated in my other thread:

If that link does not work, it is entitled Son's '73 Ghia - a distraction

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