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Default UK VW Rusto-ROD epic
Re:: Check my progress......   

Hi all, A while back, Dec2010 I decided to give my old '72 bug a bit of lovin', nothing too involved, just a quick patch n go project to make a slam door driver out of her, shouldn't take a coupl'a months tops!!

Well, so much for that's how it went:

This is NOTHING compared to the RODical work elsewhere on this site but I thought you might like to see what we're doing over here.

This is how she looked

Just before I stripped the wings:

Only to find the usual tinworm:

At this stage I was still relaxed, ya gotta find some sh*t eh?

Meanwhile, I had been dicking around with the horn grills and rear number plate light:


Then I found this

Front n/s heater channels


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