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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

My Jap oldies..

Pulled my Pop's 2 bikes from my Grandmom's basement..

1975 Honda CB750 Four
It was full dress, fairing, hard saddles, Monkey bars, King/Queen seat... Lowered with a Harley rear wheel and forks slid up a bit.. some 70's "look"..
Pop had painted it from Honda Red, to Candy Apple Maroon, to Turd quoise.. during the years and his seat time

Was going to go Cafe' racer... but went a little more refined.

I stripped most of the excess weight off....went over it mechanically.. gave it sliver spray bomb paint job and a light spit shine.. keeping some "patina"

Love the old smooth SOHC and straight cut trans gear sound.... brings me back to my childhood hangin' onto Pop.

Now... on the the next.. 1969 CA77 Twin 305 "Dream"

Pretty unique sound due to the piston firing events.. its a Thumper..

Built to drive not decorate
It's all about the going not the showing

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