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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

You'd be surprised what you can do on the 305. Back then, it was a nice mid-sized bike.
It was the semester (January '70) break at the state colleges (San Jose State for me and my buddy, Terry). He wanted to visit his girlfriend, who was attending Oregon State. Terry's mother didn't want him to ride alone, so his brother, who had just left for the Navy, loaned me his Dream. Riding gear consisted of Levi's, Levi jackets, work boots and gloves, and open face helmets. We took Hwy 1 up the coast, got caught in heavy rain, learned how well newspapers stuffed inside a jacket can help keep you warm (although wet newsprint stains clothing), especially if you had the forethought to wrap yourself in plastic sheet secured with duct tape.
At several small cafes, people would watch us get off our bikes and slosh in, feel sorry for us and treat us to coffee and a meal.
We camped out, sleeping under picnic tables since we were traveling light, ie. without a tent.
At the Oregon boarder, we were treated to hot coffee, donuts and the use of the station's dryer.
Once we made Corvallis, we found his girlfriend's apartment. . And she had, "company." Not only that, but her roommate, whom Terry had hinted might like me, also had, "company."
We hung out a couple of days to check out the campus, and for Terry to make certain he'd really, actually, been 'dumped." Yup, he had.
On the way home, the weather Gods took some pity on us and once we left Oregon we actually had a day of riding in the sun. The bikes ran flawlessly the entire trip, with just one flat rear tire (We had a patch kit and tools).
Back home, with his brother's okay, I rode the Dream for a couple of weeks, cleaned and tuned her up. She was a nice reliable bike.
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