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Default Brat Bike project - UK

Hi everybody, Having just got my VW Bug on the road my attention has turned to my winter brat bike project. Been thinking about how to modify my old motorcycle and had looked at cafe racer style, somehow I didn't relish riding it with dropped clip-ons...with my back??!!

So, browsing around I saw a few bikes I really likes the look of and given I had been thinking about using stock bars of slightly longer bars along with an immaculate stock tank in colours I really like...the solution to my problem presented itself.

So, I present to you my BratBike project.

I'm gonna take this stock Honda CBX550F which I have owned for 16 years, but only ridden for 2 of those years from this....

to this kinda thing....

I'm sure it'll involve a bit of this and a lot of this

Here's a quick progress image having spent a fruitful couple of hours on it yesterday.

Most of the ass end will be gone.... it looks like this...

surprising it's already taking shape
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