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Originally Posted by jaransonT3 View Post
So I have had my KZ400 for a few years now and have really enjoyed riding it. However, when I bought the bike I was looking for a bike to do an old school stripped down bobber style bike. Up til now, I haven't made the time or had the heart to tear into the KZ. That all change today!

I got out of work a little early and it was our first 70 degree day. I went out to the garage with every intention of working on the Sled, by the KZ caught my eye. I thought about going for a ride, but then thought...what would it look like if I just pulled the front fender...gotta start somewhere.

This is what I started with...

By the time I stopped for dinner, this is where I was at...

Pulled the luggage rack, the front fender, the rear fender, the seat, the air cleaner box, the battery and box, the rear turn signals, and the tail light.

I also started cutting up the bent extra frame that I have and cleaned up several of the tubes that I will use to modify the frame. I thought about going hardtail, but decided to keep it a little simpler and keep the shocks. I am just going to relocate the upper shock mount to lower the rear of the bike.

I might have to go to a little stiffer spring on the shock...or maybe up the pre-load because of the change in shock angle. Will just have to see how it feels after making the change.

I did a little photoshopping....this is sort of the plan.

The other rational for starting these changes now is that I am going to pick up an 85 Yamaha 750 Maxim this week from my brother-in-law. It will be my regular bike and the KZ can be the toy that I always wanted it to be.
shorten the front forks and some shorter shocks on the rear would improve the look alot.
I want to do it right, not right now!
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