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Default Re: 74 Super with Longitudinal Acura 3.2 V6

Regarding your shifter 'n such. I did something similar back in the early 70's when I swapped a Corvair power train complete with IRS into my '71 standard bug. I had to bend the end of the VW shift shaft a bit and welded the Corvair end on. A modified VW clutch cable worked out well too. Of course the shift pattern was no longer of the VW variety, but inside she looked stock. Suspension-wise I ran modified trailing arms mounting the outer 'Vair axle carriers, with VW bus torsion bars due to the added weight. She was a really fun car.
Can you build a 'bulge' to hide the end of the transaxle?
A 914 sporting a 2.3 sounds pretty cool.
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