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Default Re: 74 Super with Longitudinal Acura 3.2 V6

Originally Posted by Bugula View Post
Very cool. Some Passat and Audi are longintudenal V6 configurations. I've never done and measuring to see if the torsion tube and control arm mounts would clear.
Can't wait to see it rolling!
They won't:(
I measured. Also, Audi (and all other liquid cooled VAG engines, I believe) up until very recently are iron block.

I was strongly considering flipping an Audi gearbox and going with a rear engine Audi 2.7tt, but it gets pretty gnarly to position the starter and stuff.

For a mid engine Audi setup you would have your crank pulley about 6 inches further forward. The Acura setup places the axle right about in the middle of the pan. Here is a nice clean version of the one I'm using.
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