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Default How is everyone doing ?
Re:: Staying safe ?   

Don't see a lot of y'all on here much lately, but still wonder how you are doing considering the current health situation. What are you doing to stay safe ? I would prefer to just stay at home all the time, but life being what it is, I do have to go out and about 7 days a week for a few hours. I am generally able to stay clear of folks, but not always. This is a bit concerning as Agent Orange has left me with about 60% lung capacity and lowered immune resistance. So, I'm thinking if I stop bathing, eat nothing but garlic and sardines, take up smoking and drinking some kind of cheap booze I should be able to create a safe zone of several yards for myself ? Seriously though, everyone do what you can to take care of your self and be safe out there. Hey, and check in here more often !
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