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Default Re: How is everyone doing ?

Good news is that the weather here is pretty nice. Sun pops through the clouds then some afternoons blue skies and sunny. Temps by day are 50s to high 60s. Great for garden work and outside tinkering. The brackets which I welded in to hold the Safari window props are now rust free, primed and painted to match the single cab’s ‘patina blue’ look. The air vent fans at the ‘above the windshield air intake’ are cleaned up and working once again. I’m now ready for those hot summer months.
Got spark on the Suzuki’s Wankel engine. Engine fires, but today the oddball side draft two barrel is coming back off and apart.
Referring to an article on adjusting bus steering boxes by Steve Phillips in December ‘19 issue of Hot VWs I plan to check mine over the again check the alignment. Question: when setting the ‘toe’ I’ve just used a straight edge at the outside of each front tire. Anyone out there have suggestions on how to do this?
Meanwhile we’re both healthy. Staying home except twice a month the the local grocery store and afternoon walks with our little dog , Helix. Stay safe.
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