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Default Re: 1937 Volkster convertible

All the panels are finally buffed out. Not bad. I still might send it out to a guy for a professional detail but for now...I'm going to go drive it!

Drove down to the grocery store for no reason.

Clutch needed adjusting so back home, jack it up, a couple twists and off again.

Stopped at a nearby business park to snap a couple of photos:

Nice sunny day so it was fun to have the convertible top down. But it started getting a little cloudy so put the top up and headed home.

Here is a unique perspective of the bodyline:

Found a few odd rattles and squeeks needing tightened. Only thing that fell off was the air cleaner wing nut and a chrome exhaust tip came loose. Not bad considering. Still need to double check a couple things before hitting the open highway but so far so good.

One biggy is a new gas gauge and fix my gas tank filler neck. The filler tube has a slight kink that doesn't allow pumped gas to fill with the pump pouring full open. You have to slooooowlly pour in gas. Easy fix, just got to get to it.

Thanks for following along!
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