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Default Re: 1930 Roadster Volkster

Before I get to explaining the template, here is the front hood latch installed and the original beam attachment brackets that I cut off the washer bottle notch, reversed and re-welded. You can see a little black knob by the steering box. That's the release.

So the template was used to fill in around the front hood latch and hide the frame. Used a section out of the top of the 68 hood.

Using some of the front metal, welded it in.

The two holes to access the beam bolts are "sleeved" and will eventually get cleaned up.

What else? Oh yeah, a third brake light. I mean...why not right? And why not French it too?

Ordered off ebay a third led brake light strip about a half inch thick and 18" long.
Fab'd up a sheet metal frenching sleeve...

Weld the two halves together the thickness of the led strip. Cut a notch to fit and weld in.

Aside from finish grinding...DONE!

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