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Default Re: Cool Cars I Saw Today.

Just down the street from where I work, they just opened up a collector car owners storage place. This is a place where people can store their cars in temperature and humidity controlled private spaces. Well the nice weather today apparently got someone to pull their baby out of storage for a drive.

I was sitting there eating my lunch when I heard someone giving a little extra throttle to an obviously smooth but powerful engine. My head snapped up and looked towards the street just in time to see the car come into my line of sight.

Now, I live in the middle of Silicon Valley where seeing someone commuting to work in a 911 Turbo's, GT2's, Carrera4S's and the like are a daily occurance. I have also seen many Ferrari's and Lamborghini's on the road (Saw a 308GTS yesterday afternoon.) But the car I saw today made my jaw drop. This is a car that I have only seen in pictures on the internet.

The car was a champagne colored Bugatti Veyron! There are only about 220 of them worldwide currently and they are only planning on building 300 of them. The price STARTS at $1,500,000!!!!!!!!!

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