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Originally Posted by jaransonT3 View Post
Yup. MDF. Will be plenty strong enough for 50 parts off.

Fred just calls it casting. Just casts into a plaster mold instead of a sand mold. Don't think it is anything special. I think he cures the plaster under vacuum to pull air bubbles out.
Yup it's all casting

The plaster molds most times are made with a Refractory type plaster so the molds can withstand the hi temps without cracking when the molten metal hits it

It is also known as "Investment Casting" or "Lost Wax Casting" which is a wax part just like what you want the finished part to be, then dipped repeatably into a refractory type plaster until it is thick enough, then placed into an oven to melt the wax out as well as drive all the moisture out

Depending on the metal being cast, they may also put the plaster mold into a kiln to fire the plaster mold so it won't break when the metal is poured in

I have several parts I plan to cast for my V-Rod once I get that far along, hell I'm still trying to keep it running as my daily driver until I get the time to start doing the custom touches to it, my budget of $25 a month is hell just keeping it running, but I have been driving it over a year now with lots of problems

Those are some cool looking parts your making

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