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Now this isn't just another "post a picture of your car" thread. This one will need a bit of an artistic eye.
What I'm looking for is exactly what the title reads....A Shit Stain On A Monet.

What this means is, look for a location that would appeal to an artist. The backdrop is what will make the photo and should be the primary focal point and your VolksRod is only there to bring down the property value.

By placing the two contrasting elements together the goal is to add a whole new perspective to the picture.
Now this isn't limited to rat rods, if your Volksrod has a nice finish (capecodster, Gkafer, Swoodard, etc...) then just find a contrasting background (burned out forrest, collapsed building, etc...). In other words, something that your car would improve the property value

Have fun with this. Real photos only, no photoshops.
Of course I can't end this post without adding the pic that inspired my quote. Here is blacktrucks car, the original "Shit Stain On A Monet"

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