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I think I'm flattered...
Dude, just to clear things up, I love your car!! SSOAM is just my interperatation of what a purist might think.
Your picture is VERY artistic. It actually draws your eye in to the car at the top of the rear window because of the "valley" in the trees and the light on the water. Then you follow the lines to the front of the car, mainly because of the chopped roof and the light on the street underneath the car, until you hit the shadows and your eye naturally goes up to the light until it is intersected by the sidewalk. It then follows this line to the people. Because of the shadows and curvature of the trees on the right of the photo you are then sent back to the center and left side of the picture until you notice the people across the lake. Then once again, the angle of the tree sends your eye back to the rear of the car and it all starts over again.
In my oppinion, you couldn't have planned this picture any better if you tried. I also think it couldn't have worked with any other car.
Very nice picture and a very cool car. [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/bowdown.gif[/img]

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