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Hey Mr. Punk...

I thought that the deal was to get a photo of a "perfect" setting. The sun setting over the horizon, a snow capped peek, or a cascading waterfall as the main image in the photo, and then your (or any) VW snuck in to add an element of artistic conflict? This means that the image must have movement, color, texture, emotion, and I canít remember off the top of my head what the other elements of a perfect image are.

Did I miss understand you, or isn't that what you are asking for? This isn't supposed to be another "post a pic of your ride" thread as I understand it. I'm working on one for you, but I haven't found the right hour of lighting yet. The shadows either get jumbled, or they are not well enough defined to add proper depth. I'll get you one though, assuming that this is the kind of image that you are after.
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