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Default Re: O/T computer help desk thread

Well, in less than 12 hours, i'll be back on land and among lots of other things, back on my own personal computer. As a bit of a geek, I read slashdot. org a lot when I can and it seems the latest trend with ISPs is to put bandwidth caps on your usage.

Personally, I use my internet for "educational" purposes (read: bittorent, surfing, games and chat) some instructional videos (or bittorent :P) use a TON of bandwidth. I decided to search for the EULA from Cox (my cable provider at my hosue) and I just found out that if we go over 60gb/month, we'll get charge extra per gb we go over. There's some times when I download files that are over a gig by themselves! since I am one of four residents, I'm sure we are going to easily break that cap.

Sorry for the long introductory paragraph, what I'm curious about is, does anyone know of any broadband ISPs that still offer TRUE unlimited access? I don't think any do, but I can be hopeful. lacking that, who does everyone recommend? I've heard horrible things of RoadRunner, so it's probably best they don't offer my area, Cox is a subsidiary of ComCast so they don't duplicate coverage and would have the same policies (actually, I think comcast and at&t are the pioneers in this capping BS..)
I don't know who else to research. anyone have any suggestions?

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