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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

The Battery Tender is an excellent idea! I keep one on the Sporty 'cause for some unfathomable reason, the battery drains down a bit over a week or so. I've checked over the electrical system to no avail, but with the Tender on the problem goes away. The valves shoud be adjusted cold, and it's the push rod tubes that are adjustable. I do it with the rear wheel off the ground (via home made rear bike lift) and get things close to TDC with the starter, then, with the bike in second, use the rear wheel to get it where I want it. Having the plugs out makes it easy...I run Bosch Platinum WR9FP with my single fire Dyna Tech electronic ignition, but ran them with points too at .028"). Points should be easy, and you time it through a plug on the primary side. They even sell a little clear screw-in plug to check things while she's running. You're really lucky you're dealing with points and not a mag, plus it look like an electric start (!).
All kidding aside, these engines are stone simple and they stay in tune a lot longer then the British bikes I've had. I run a set of Andrews PB+ cams and set the idle at 1000 rpm.
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