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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

Originally Posted by Turbo Punk View Post
Damn, that's a good looking bike. Looks better in these pics then the other one. I'd have to say nice score man.
I appreciate and respect everybody's opinion when I posted here about thinking of buying it. Bottom line is I liked the bike too damn much to pass it up and 4K seemed like a decent price. Worse condition I think I could recover my investment in a short time if I was forced to sell it.

Originally Posted by Palepainter View Post
Tequilla, It is a non kick Sporty, electric start only. Left side shift also. I am going to say that if you get any manual for a post 74 and pre 85 (evo) you will get what you need as far as technical.......
My buddy who is a harley guy but not an expert was mentioning some of the things you said and put it at '77 to newer. I need to start looking for a manual.
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