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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

Originally Posted by MatteBlack View Post
I was considering something to put around town on. Not so much for the highways. I have considered powering my cruiser bicycle which is particularly heavily-built or getting a smaller displacement motorcycle. Those of you who know me, will know I am a very big guy (6'6", 400lb). I'd like to avoid looking like one of the fat twins on the scooters from the Guinness Book. Between lower displacement choppers, enduros, cafes or street legal dirtbikes, what do you guys advise?
You're about my brother in law's size. He's 6'4", an undetermined and undisclosed amount over 400 lbs. He rides a 06 Heritage Softtail Classic and quite honestly, He makes it look like a minibike but he is very comfortable on it, even with his wife on back.

You could always go for the big dog.. Honda Rune. That's one huge bike.

I dunno what they are thinking on that rear fender shape. They could at least match the wheel shape and diameter for the fender cut out
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