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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

Oldstano, "People just don't see MC's. Up here in MT. it takes drivers 'til mid June to realize there are MC's sharing the road.
Glad you are OK. Can you rebuild the bike?
I've got a Yammyhammer 1100 Vstar. Changed bars, cut 3" off of pipes for much better sound and power (hits rev limiter through 3rd gear).
My wife worked in a truama unit, so we always wear helmets.
Res Ipsa Loquitar! (Let the good times roll)"

Bike's totaled. I have lots of pics but everything got damaged, the frame got whacked real good right at the swingarm pivot, the rear hub is cracked open, tanks dented and scratched, bars are wasted, foot pegs are ripped off, whole thing's a mess.

But the engine cranks!

I'd love to see and hear that 1100, I might be looking for one here pretty soon, and I've considered the 1300 VStar. I like the shaft drive though.
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