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Actually, I was refering to the comment by Max16v about tossing perfectly wonderful stock factory forks for a non-stock item. With my Sporty I went a similiar route to what you're doing. The 35mm items went in exchange for an entire 38 mm front end from a `79 Kawi Cop bike, including the 18" front wheel and brakes. This was kind of funny because the Sporty is an `83, the Kawi was a `79, and both forks were maunfactured by Showa....go figure. The change in braking alone was worth the price of admission. I also run an 18" Kawi Cop wheel at the rear. One thing to check if you're running the Gold Wing brakes is the bore of the master cylinder of the 550. If you're running the Wing cylinder, all is well. The bore of the Sporty master matched the Cop item so there was no problem. If the bore of the 550 is slightly smaller (than the 'Wing) you'll be applying more pressure to the brakes; larger and they might feel kinda 'wooden.' It all depends on how much of a difference in bore.
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