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Default Do you guys start with drivers or basket cases?

HI Everybody

I am trying to figure what is the best way to attack this Volksrod hobby. I have found the local Craigslist as a wonderful wish book and the SAMBA a lot more money for VW parts than the Craigslist is...I have built some oval track stuff and some Willys Jeep stuff I can hack at stuff and re-weld them too...just wondering how many of you guys buy drivers and tear into them or maybe purchase boxes of parts and then work that angle...

I would love to create a retro (1970's vintage) "mini-stock" style volksrod, front nerf bars, side rub rails, maybe some numbers on the doors...oval track type stuff..

Not sure if I could hack into a survivor or just start gathering parts...what do you guys suggest??

I would also love to do "patina" type bug....leave it as it is but do safety upgrades and drive it....

Any insight would be great...

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