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Default Re: Do you guys start with drivers or basket cases?

Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
My '58 Single Cab has been a runner since day 1 (bought her Jan, '72). She was off the streets for a few months during her Corvair swap, and over a year while I swapped in the V8 and related drive train parts.
My first bug was a fifty buck '62 I bought in '72, towed home ( behind the above mentioned SC) and turned into a Corvair powered Baja. Engine was junk in a box. I sold the transaxle and engine for enough to pay for the Corvair stuff.

Second bug was the '71 (see pic posted for me in the 'What's the point' thread). This hundred buck bug had driven over a concrete divider. A buddy had taken the engine and I got the rest. Transaxle had a broken nose, front suspension was tweaked. Sold the VW axle for more than I paid for the bug (!). Went the Corvair may see a pattern emerging here.

IMHO, it's nice to have a roller to start from, but I've helped others on basket cases. Basically it's whatever you find that 'speaks to you' potential-wise. This site has a huge amount of inspirational projects in about every style you can think of.
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