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Default Re: Do you guys start with drivers or basket cases?

Originally Posted by Unkl Ian View Post
Start with the best you can afford.
That's the best advice I have read/seen yet

I have bought many VW Bugs since my first one in 1981, at least 25 of them & one Ghia, most were basket cases, somebody bought, took apart only to find it is way more work than they wanted to get into, paid between $25 & $75 for them, towed them home, reassembled them & drove them until they weren't drivable anymore, cut them up & would bring the pieces to where I worked & put the pieces into the scrap bins

Then I thought I found a nice one in 1986, it was a 74 Bug, the owner also owned a body shop, big mistake, never buy a car from anyone who owns a body shop, took me for each of the 12 $100 dollar bills I gave him, didn't find out until 3 months later, got it stuck in the mud while fishing, by the time I got it out, it had no bumpers on it, the left front fender was hanging on with 2 bolts, the rest had pulled the nuts out of the rusted body, which by the way looked fantastic with the thin coat of bondo covering the rust holes
By the time I got it home it weighed at least 400 Lbs lighter, lots of rust & a bunch a bondo was left behind, I bet there was at least 200 Lbs of filler on it until that night

My V8 Bug was a daily driver when my wife bought it for me in 1994, it was 28 years old, it's 2,3 of the way finished
Then there is my daily driver VolksRod, when I got my hands on it it needed 1 floor pan & heater channel installed, the PO had installed the passengers side, I had to cut them both out & move them into the right position, not 1 of the body to heater channel bolts was used, it was spot welded every few inches, once I started hearing the "noises" & did some inspection work I cut that side completely out & added the 9 or 10 bolts, then welded everything back in

Just trying to say, no matter how good or bad a deal you think you have, never give in once you have started, either way your gonna drop a lot of cash into you VolksRod, if you get taken for was turns out to be a junk car, just go with it, soon it will have mostly new metal in/on it, & eventually you will drive it & have the biggest smile on your face, just something about driving a Bug that puts a Big ole Smile on my face

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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