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Default Re: Do you guys start with drivers or basket cases?

yeah the 1968 was bought as a driver.. but quickly fell to chaos of the PO cheap sweater routine opening up on me.. between the fiberglassed rusted rocker panels and the wiring catching on fire (Once when I was with my girlfriend... smoke came out of the tailights and I had to turn off the car before the lens caught on fire.. and once again when the ignition wires actually BURNT out causing smoke to come in from the speaker grills. That scared the fuck out of me.. I thought my front end caught on fire. I had that drivers door open faster then i ever thought was possible.

Sorry for the derail
Still i'm building my volksrod from the parts of the 1966 and swapping them.. I told my family when I bought the 1966 i'd be using both cars to build one bug.. they just assumed it'd be the 1966.. was for awhile until I saw how much metal work it needed.. .(not that i'm afraid of metal working... its just I feel no attachment to the 1966 and its a basket case.. a basket case I got for 850 that came with 2k plus worth of parts.. (if bought individually) also the 1968's my first car.. so it has that sentimental Throw logic out the window type of value to it. So my advice if you get a basket case.. get a rusted out whole parts car.. You never know when you'll need a small part! Hell just the low back seats I got from the 1966 and the adjustable beam made it worth it! also I might take the 1966's pan and get a kit car body Fiberglass doesn't rust.
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