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Default Re: Do you guys start with drivers or basket cases?

I did buy a parts car for some stuff I needed, then I stripped it and sold the remaining parts and used the money to buy more parts for me. I got the original body for $100, then chassis, which had new floor pans for 300. That's when Craigslist, eBay and the samba become your best friends. I've traded parts, and you meet a lot of new people. The way I have done it is not the fastest way, but it's close to being completed now. Plus it's peace of mind, like Drhax said about the wiring. I have a rebel wiring harness, my brake system is 100% brand new! trans and engine rebuilt also. I think I have had my hands on every little piece of this car in and out it all depends on how much work YOU want to put into it. Just find a car and dive in
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