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Default Re: Do you guys start with drivers or basket cases?

I have always kept parts from all the 22 Bugs (not counting the 3 VW Bugs & rail buggy I currently have, my VolksRod daily driver, my 66 V8 Bug, or the 56/57 parts car) I have owned 25 over the last 32 years, I suppose that's how I ended up with 8 or 9 sets of stock spindles, half a dozen rear brake drums, several steering boxes, at one time I had 3 sets of doors, 2 roofs & a few sets of heater channels that were in decent shape
I also kept most of the wiring harnesses, all the high beam headlight relays, flasher relays, all switches, fuse blocks or anything else I thought I might use

I used most of the wiring harnesses & switches on non VW cars just to save money, I even put a VW distributor in an 80 or 81 Datsun pickup truck to save $280 on the ignition module, I had to modify the VW distributor to make it fit the engine, I chucked it in the lathe to cut the housing down so it would go deeper into the Nissan engine, deep enough to engage in the distributor drive, which happened to be exactly the same as a VW's, worked out purty good, I drove the truck until the registration expired 9 months later

At times I wonder why I didn't keep this or that, only because I could have used it by now, but that's how it works

Always best to buy a complete car, even if all the parts are in several boxes, just make sure you get every box, it's the little stuff that's tricky to get & leaving just 1 box can cause lots of $$

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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