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Couple weeks away now. I'll be watching the weather as it gets closer. I still have a couple things to do to the bug before then. Found the brake hose has a soft spot on the left front, so replacing both hoses. Gonna replace the rear window seal because it has a small cut that I just noticed. Then give it a major cleaning a couple days before the show. I am waiting for a lower deck lid stand-off I ordered from to come in. I ordered it on April 27 and still nothing. I am hoping to get it before then. I want to have upper and lower stand-off's on it. Just to be different.

Anybody else thinking about making the voyage?

For those of you new here..... enjoy this classic read:

A lot of the pics are gone, but there is a photobucket link on one of my posts on page 4. it has pics of the legendary "push-off" of Ryan's car, and even a couple of the RuntRod!! Ahhh, the good ol' days!
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That bike makes my scrotum cry...
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If one of my buddies pulled into my driveway and got out of that, I'd punch him right in the colon.

That thing looks like a blue clitoris.
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