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I can't seem to edit the title to mention that I am adding pics.

Any mods out there who can hook me up?!

Anyway.... here is some pics from the day. I had a great time, met some good people, and got some good sunburn! Car ran great all the way there and back. I drove slow (55-60), but I was just cruising. Took about 2 hrs 45 mins each way. So enough yapping, I know ya'll wants pics!!

View from the stands:

My car relaxing after a long drive:

QUOTE(Steve @ Apr 1 2006, 06:05 PM)

That bike makes my scrotum cry...
QUOTE Steve Jan 26, 2008

If one of my buddies pulled into my driveway and got out of that, I'd punch him right in the colon.

That thing looks like a blue clitoris.
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